Why I Believe in Blockchain

I’m involved in blockchain since 2013, but mid 2018 is probably a good time to explain my interest. In December 2017, I posted this on Facebook: As of October 2018, Bitcoin dropped about 65% from that day’s price, so the heat is certainly there. Of course, like in the last downswings, now people come out […]

How to Get The Right Domain Name for Your Startup

If you’re building a product, it doesn’t matter in the beginning what your name is. If the product is good it can be called purple cow and people will use it. But, if you’re trying to scale the company, the name matters a lot. If you have a US startup called X and you don’t have […]

How To Buy Websites

[This post is part of a short series on Buying and Selling Websites] Why Buy a Website? Well, you invest to make money. For me, buying and operating websites is an ideal business. You can operate it from home You can scale it without lots of employees. And many kinds of websites will produce revenue even […]

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